Chopped Pork BTP

A seared pork roast slow cooked until you can cut it with a fork. Pulled by hand and mixed with just the right amount of BBQ sauce. Perfect for tailgating sandwiches or just by itself. Free buns for your sandwiches by request.

Estimated Serving Size:
Stand Alone: 6 to 8 oz per person
In Buffet: 4 to 6 oz per person

Sold in 5 pound increments
Minimum 5 lbs
BBQ Sauce on Side

Category 33
PLU 155030
Price $11.99

The Wildcat Burger

Our hand packed burger with Cajun spices topped with smoked ham, hickory sauce, melted cheddar and a fried onion ring.

New Selfie Cookie Bake

Warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream, whip cream, chocolate syrup and caramel syrup.